Sugar Dahlias

Learn to make big and beautiful Dahlias using flowerpaste

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“Natalie’s classes are informative, engaging, and very professionally executed”
Donna J.

•Learn Natalie’s tips, tricks and practical time-saving methods for creating these gorgeous sugar flowers. They look complicated, but with Natalie’s method they are more than achievable!

• Learn all about using flowerpaste to make wired sugar flowers. I’ll guide you through every step of the process to create these stunning statement dahlias.

• Learn to use colour and petal dusts to enhance your sugar flowers and add depth and realism to your designs. I chose these colours (based on the ‘Cafe au Lait’, ‘Black Jack’ and ‘Tartan’ varieties) for a few reasons:

I’m often asked about working with deep dark colours – it’s scary, yes – but I’ll show you how to do it with great results.

Students sometimes comment that pale colours are really hard to work with, as it’s so easy to over colour and over dust, ending up with something much darker than intended. I’ll show you my tricks to overcome that pitfall and make a beautiful soft dahlia.

And that striped one? That’s an entirely new technique that I’ve been working on and can’t wait to show you!

• You will also receive the pdf download instructions which perfectly complement the video lessons: plenty of images to guide you and all written in Natalie’s easy to follow step-by-step style.

• And of course, access to the class, videos and other materials will be yours forever!

BONUS: you’ll also receive the step-by-step and video for creating a gorgeous open ‘Fascination’ dahlia, like this one, worth £18!


What Equipment will you need?

We like to keep things simple and try not to swamp you with big long equipment lists – Natalie is always a fan of using and adapting what you’ve got! All our classes require basic kit, such as a work board, rolling pin, petal pad, ball tools and modelling tools. Below is the specialist kit required and you will get access to the full equipment list when you purchase the class.

Sugar Dahlias: Specialist Equipment
• Dahlia Cutters
• Multi-Use Petals and Leaves
• Rapid Rose Support Pad
• Veining Stick
• Creative Leaves Cutter Set (optional)

You will also need some 28g white wire and a few pieces of 20g white wire, along side 20mm poly-balls. If you want to make the leaves too, we suggest the large serrated leaf from the FMM Creative Leaves set, though this isn’t essential.

All these items and our full range of colours are available in our online shop.

Don’t just take our word for how good the classes are!

Having taught hundreds of students online and in-person, I’m incredibly proud of them and everything they’ve achieved. Nothing brings me joy more than receiving kind words and reviews like those below:

What’s Included?
Each class includes five essential elements, making for a great learning experience:

01 Professional videos that are easy to follow and understand. All lessons are filmed from our home studio, in Natalie’s easy-going, friendly teaching style.

02 Beautiful, clear pdf downloads to complement the video lessons.

03 All my unique methods, techniques, tips and tricks to help you learn how to create gorgeous sugar flowers and cake designs.

04 Access to Natalie (me!) and a thriving community of like-minded students to help you on your way…

05 Lifetime access to the videos, downloads and support: you get them forever!

AND you can learn from anywhere in the world, at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

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