Sugar Orchids Online Class

Learn to make nine varieties of sugar orchid



In this video class you’ll learn how to make three different species of orchid, with an impressive nine colour variations:

Moth Orchid: botanical name: Phalaenopsis. Not half so complicated as it looks, especially with all my easy and time-saving tips and tricks.

Cattleya Orchid: for example, the frilly purple one. Oh so pretty, the class also includes a pink and green variety.

Cymbidium Orchid: sometimes stripy, sometimes bright, always gorgeous. I think these ones are my favourite to make.

• The class also includes how to make buds for each variety, matching the colours and shading so they go together and form a complete stem.

• Learn to use colour and petal dusts to enhance your sugar flowers and add depth and realism.

• We’ll look at how to attach the orchids to your cakes and how to use them within your designs, to create stunning and eye-catching cakes.

• This class also includes a lesson on making an orchid pot plant – arranging orchids and leaves so they look look like a real plant.

• You will also receive the pdf download instructions which perfectly complement the video lessons: plenty of images to guide you and all written in Natalie’s easy to follow step-by-step style.

• Learn all of Natalie’s tips and tricks to save you time, creating consistently beautiful sugar flowers.

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Having taught hundreds of students online and in-person, I’m incredibly proud of them and everything they’ve achieved. Nothing brings me joy more than receiving kind words and reviews like those below:

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What Equipment will you need?

We like to keep things simple and try not to swamp you with big long equipment lists – Natalie is always a fan of using and adapting what you’ve got! All our classes require basic kit, such as a work board, rolling pin, petal pad, ball tools and modelling tools. Below is the specialist kit required and we will of course send you a full equipment list when you purchase the class.

Sugar Orchids: Specialist Equipment
• Moth Orchid Cutters
• Cymbidium Orchid Cutters

All these items and our full range of colours are available in our online shop.

What’s Included?
Each class includes five essential elements, making for a great learning experience:

01 Professional videos that are easy to follow and understand. All lessons are filmed from our home studio, in Natalie’s easy-going, friendly teaching style.

02 Beautiful, clear pdf downloads to complement the video lessons.

03 All my unique methods, techniques, tips and tricks to help you learn how to create gorgeous sugar flowers and cake designs.

04 Access to Natalie (me!) and a thriving community of like-minded students to help you on your way…

05 Lifetime access to the videos, downloads and support: you get them forever!

AND you can learn from anywhere in the world, at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

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