Book One and a Half : Colour

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• Natalie Porter’s Immaculate Confections
– Book One and a Half: Natalie’s Little Book of Colour
• Everything you need and want to know about colour for cakes: how to mix them, how to use them, what looks good together, where to find inspiration and how to think outside the norm and do seriously cool things with colour!
• Clear and easy step-by-step instructions to mix over 200 shades, from only eight starting colours
• The perfect accompaniment for our new set of paste colours.

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Award winning cake artist Natalie Porter returns with Book One and a Half, this time unraveling the mysteries of COLOUR.

With the success of her first book, Book One: Sugar Flowers, and the overwhelmingly positive response to the colour theory section, it made sense for her to dive deeper into the wonderful world of colour, and the many ways in which it can transform your work.

Natalie will guide you through colour theory, how to identify colour palettes and inspire you to experiment with colour, all in her signature easy to follow style. Featuring more than 200 different colour mixes and recipes, all of which have been made using just eight core colours, this little book will have you covered for colour!

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24 reviews for Book One and a Half : Colour

  1. Heidi Carsboult

    I’ve never done a review before but what can I say? Wow!! Is one word I’d use and in a very big way. Natalie’s first book and seeing her demo inspired me to be brave and use colour more but this new book…It’s just amazing. It’s packed full of tips and helpful information, all written in layman’s terms. Brilliant for a simple person like myself who isn’t all that good when it comes to instruction. Every piece of text written and every photo shows Natalie’s passion and love for her craft. It’s one little book packed full of everything you need to explore colour. It’s certainly going to be my go to book and since buying it last Saturday it has been next to my pc and I’ve been reading it over and over.
    Thank you Natalie for another inspiring book and I look forward to the next one!

  2. Ilse (verified owner)

    I always found it very difficult to get the exact shade of sugar paste and flower paste I was after as it was always a hit & miss affair. This book helped me to take the guess work out and is making life a lot easier. Also, I won’t need to buy as many dust & gels I as used to as I now understand how to properly mix colours to get the shade I am looking for.

    Natalie starts by explaining a bit about colour theory including how to mix colours; increase/decrease the intensity of a colour; the effect of adding brown, black or grey; what colours work well together and why. She then progresses to providing more details about key 6 colours by provide the recipes for 30 different shades of that colour and examples of colours schemes. There is a mini project for each of the 6 colours allowing you to see how that colour works with various accent colours.

    This book works very well with her first book but it can definitively be used as standalone reference book for cake decorators wanting to create unique colour schemes and/or take the guess work out of mixing different coloured sugar paste.

  3. Sue Holland (verified owner)

    What a perfect little book!!! Can’t thank you enough for taking the time to explain in detail and pass on your knowledge. Best cake related books I own ?

  4. Anne Taylor

    This book is amazing. I’ve learnt so much about colour and combined with book 1 it inspires you to think more about which colours make your flowers etc pop. I’ve been far more adventurous.

  5. Jenny Watson

    Wonderful little book of colour, great little reference tool to help with your art work.
    Would highly recommend buying.

  6. Judith (verified owner)

    I bought this book because I can never think which colours will blend correctly. This book gives a recipe for all colour combinations and uses all the colours from the colour wheel. Really recommend as it will help for so many projects not just sugar paste.

  7. Anna Root (verified owner)

    I am a little bit in love with this book (or maybe a lot)!
    It gives the recipes to achieve hundreds of colours from a small range of gels. I have read through it in full twice as it is just so interesting. It is also really quick and easy to use to achieve pretty much any colour you want.
    Another 5* book from Natalie

  8. Jayne Machin

    Natalie is the Queen on Colour. This is a fabulous book that explains all about colour in an easy to understand way and something you will go back to time and time again. Highly recommend

  9. Lynn Mwaka (verified owner)

    Another perfect book from Natalie, this time going through her love of colour, showing you the recipes to make over 200 colours from 8 pots of gel colouring..

    Informative and again easy to use and beautifully laid out.

  10. Catherine Holmes (verified owner)

    An excellent book which explains all about colour and how to mix it to get just the perfect shade for your project. I had previously struggled to obtain the shades I wanted for my sugar flowers but this book has been of great assistance. It sits in my cake room, next to my workbench ready to be used for each project. Natalie’s understanding of colour is amazing.

  11. gina hanington

    What can I say? The most perfect book on colour that I own. Fabulous section on colour theory with a handy pull out colour wheel for reference. Explains how to recreate all the colours -200 of them in really easy explained methods. Highly recommend this book

  12. Selina Ward (verified owner)

    Natalie’s second book explains the theory of colour and is a great reference tool to enable you to mix colours and select colours which work well with each other. This fabulous book is easy to understand and helps you become confident and creative to use colour in your projects. Highly recommend it.

  13. Mary Ryan

    What can I say to praise this liitle book of colour enough. You will never be stuck for a colour ever again. Natalie Porter is the Queen of Colour

  14. Karen Cacho (verified owner)

    I LOVE this book! It’s one I keep reaching for for almost every project! It’s an amazing tool to help you understand the importance of choosing the right colors and learning how to use them correctly to transform any “nice” project to one that is a showstopper. This book is filled with over 200+shades of colors can be made with just 8 colors! Highly recommend!

  15. Nicola Halls (verified owner)

    This book is an essential for me! I can’t believe how easy it is to use. Using this little book I get consistent colours every time and no longer struggle to decide on colour palettes that will work together. Great for cake decorators and sugar flower making but also for anyone using colour in their art or craft work. Amazing!

  16. Caroline Smith (verified owner)

    I use this book all the time since I have had it. Great insight into how to use and mix colours.

  17. Dinaz Shroff (verified owner)

    This Brilliant book has opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at and understanding color. How to get different shades and intensities is so perfectly explained. I see color in a whole different way now.

  18. Michele Farrow (verified owner)

    This is an amazing book. Inspiring, enlightening and thoroughly beautiful. It makes you smile!!! I always have it hand during wedding consultations and find couples are drawn to it even before I use it within our design process.

  19. Tina (verified owner)

    This book has continued to put a smile on my face since I recieved it.
    After seeing lives on mixing and dusting I doubted if I needed this. I definitely did! It’s not only a stunning visual aid, the information and understanding of colours is invaluable. This is an essential part to anyone’s kit, you will not regret getting this beautiful little book.

  20. Remille V. (verified owner)

    A must have book for any cake decorators and even non cake decorators. Lots of details and colors are mixable using one a handful of products. Can’t go wrong with that!

  21. Susie

    Amazing little book of colour. Shows how to get so many different shades. Also gives help with what colours to put together.
    Thus and Natalie’s first book are my go to when making cakes.

  22. Jenny Watson

    If you want to know about colour and how to achieve the one you want its here in this little diamond of a book.. buy it you won’t have wasted your money, mine doesn’t go away as with most of the books I buy thus sits snugly on my craft table, if j get stuck or a colour I know where to find it.

  23. Lisa Johnson (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the little book of colour. It is my go to book with every cake or flower I make.
    The difference just a tweak to your colour can make is unbelievable and I know now that I can match any colour I need using this book.
    Highly recommend

  24. Billie Jones (verified owner)

    I have always had a problem with understanding colors. This little book has helped me so much. I absolutely love it. I always have it next to me when making flowers or even figures.

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