Fine Paint Brushes

Fine Paint Brushes


• Beautiful soft brushes for painting on cakes
• Range of sizes to suit different jobs
• High quality – no loose bristles
• Can be used with pre-made paints or your own mixed from dusts or gels
• See full description below for more info…

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Lovely fine brushes to use for painting on your cakes and sugar flowers. They’ll work with either pre-made paints or those you mix yourself with dusts/gels and rejuvenator/alcohol, and are great for adding those all important fine details to your work.
Available individually or as a set of five brushes – choose from the drop-down box.

The different sizes are ideal for a range of jobs, from the teeny tiny No. 000 (3/0) or No 0, which are perfect for adding super delicate details to flowers such as orchids… to the bigger No. 3 and 6, which can be used to add bolder detail or paint larger areas such as leaves.

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Additional information

Weight N/A

Size 000 (3/0), Size 0, Size 1, Size 3, Size 6, Set of Five Brushes


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