Immaculate Confections Flowerpaste

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Seriously, this stuff is magic. No cracking, perfect to use and very malleable. Magic!
Karen G.

• Natalie’s brand new premium flowerpaste – ideal for making delicate sugar flowers
• The perfect blend of stretch and softness, it doesn’t dry too quickly, or too slowly… It colours beautifully, holds its shape, and can be rolled nice and thin
• Choose a single 250g pack, or get a discount on buying 1kg to make lots of sugar flowers!
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Natalie has always loved making sugar flowers, coming up with new and innovative techniques to make them fast and beautiful… and now we have the perfect flowerpaste to help you make them!

The brand new Immaculate Confections flowerpaste is soft and strong… stretchy, but not so much that it ‘bounces back’. It can be rolled lovely and thin, and can be used with all your favourite techniques and tools, be that a ball tool and veining stick, or silicon veiners.

It doesn’t dry too fast, but holds it’s shape quickly. This makes it ideal for Natalie’s quick flower-making methods, saving your precious time.

Immaculate Confections Flowerpaste 04
Immaculate Confections Flowerpaste 03

The flowerpaste is a lovely bright white and takes colour beautifully – you can imagine how important this was when developing the paste as we do love all things colourful! As such, it’s a great partner to our range of gel and dust colours.

It’s fully edible, tastes nice (just in case you want to use it for models or other decorations) and is suitable for vegetarians.

We hope you enjoy using it, and don’t forget:

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28 reviews for Immaculate Confections Flowerpaste

  1. EllenR.

    This flowerpaste takes colour very well and I love how quickly it became firm enough to keep its shape. It hardens enough to assemble petals quite quickly, but I could still manipulate it. My favourite part is how thinly it rolls without drying out too much too quickly…

  2. Karen

    Firstly, it’s so soft out of the packet and the texture is lovely, no ‘bits’ in it requiring squashing and extra kneading. It’s ready from the get go with just a few secs of kneading it between your fingers. It’s superb, can’t fault it. Left a rolled out bit out in the air deliberately to see how it fared. Still perfect to use and very malleable. This stuff is magic. I thinly rolled out some paste and left it out in the air for 40 mins. Just cut out a five petal shape from it and went to ball tool the edges. No cracking, nothing! This paste rolls super thin and still has flexibility with which to work easily.

  3. Julie O.

    It’s awesome. Its so soft and stretchy out of the packet. Has a lovely feel to it and is fabulous to work with. And it doesn’t dry out too quickly. I LOVE it!

  4. Jayne Machin (verified owner)

    I was so excited when this arrived! Would it live up to it’s expectations? No, it surpassed them!
    Beautifully packaged with a fantastic seal to keep your paste fresh.
    The first thing you notice is the silky smooth texture that takes very little kneading to get to the right consistency to work with.
    It colours beautifully and easily rolls out lovely and thin.
    It holds it shape very quickly but stays flexible enough for you to work with.
    Everything you could want in a flower paste. I love it!!!

  5. Margot Palfrey (verified owner)

    Arrived in the post at 10.30am and by noon I had decided it is tremendous. It is stretchy and can be rolled really thinly. It holds its shape but can be manipulated for quite a while before it firms up. Very white and tastes good!

  6. Sharon Norris (verified owner)

    Fabulous paste, after an hour in a former stable enough to stand in foam waiting to be wired. After about five hours took Natalie’s dusts beautifully and when wiring had enough flexibility to not shatter and still be malleable. Will definitely be getting more.

  7. Julie Peacock (verified owner)

    Oh my! I’m in love with this stuff. Ive only ever been happy with one particular brand before, but this is something else. Firstly as soon as you open the packet it is already soft, not much kneading needed. Compared to others it seems no matter how many times you roll it out it never seems to go dry and crack, so there’s no wastage, the little bits I’ve had left over at the end of a flower making session ive just shaped into a a bud shape and put on a wire ready for when I want to make a rose. I dont know how you’ve done it but you’ve come up with an absolute winner. Thankyou.

  8. Sandra Wilkinson (verified owner)

    What can I say, I absolutely love this paste!! I didn’t have it sticking to my fingers and I could put flower together after a few minutes rest, still being able to manipulate petals .
    Absolutely brilliant will definitely be purchasing more.

  9. Joanne Salmon (verified owner)

    Hello there I must say I am 100% happy with this product as a flower paste and I have not found one that gave me everything I need. Till this. I love all immaculate confections products and I can add this to my list. Thank you Natalie your a wonderful teacher as well as a genuine behind this to.x

  10. Angela Dawson (verified owner)

    I just wanted to share how much I loved your new sugar paste Natalie. Your paste is absolutely fabulous as stated, it rolls beautifully thin, works perfectly and colours brilliantly too, thanks for developing such an amazing sugar paste I will not buy any other from now on

  11. Jenny Watson (verified owner)

    Great flower paste.
    Exceptionally good if you like me have really dry hands.
    Would definitely recommend whole heartedly buying this product. Does exactly as you want it to do.

  12. Rosie Mcphee (verified owner)

    If you have warm hands, this is the paste for you. This is by far the best flower paste I have used so far. I have very warm hands so I have trouble with paste sticking to me. I had so much more time to actually work with the placement of my petals which then resulted in a much prettier flower.

  13. DIANE LIVERA (verified owner)

    Immaculate Confections Flower Paste By Natalie Porter you bossed the paste lovely.
    The paste is truly amazing to work with rolls really well, stays and holds it shape while drying, I love how it takes the colour and shows up beautifully.
    My go to dusts and gels are the amazing colours from Natalie Porter tried and test extremely satisfied . Truly an amazing product.
    Thank you both Natalie & Chris great service, great products, amazing classes with state of the art PDF files & above all spending Sunday evenings with the two of you is truly the best bonus to it all … Best Wishes xx

  14. Judith Scott (verified owner)

    Just made my sugar peony with this new sugar paste. It’s lovely to work with. No splitting or drying out too quickly. It allows time to work the petals and shape them. The paste rolls out thinly and so the petals look so real. I love this product and look forward to making more flowers. My delivery was so quick too. Great service from immaculate confections. Thank you.

  15. Susie

    Loved this paste.
    It is lovely and soft from the start and is easy to knead.
    Took colour well and firmed up slowly enough to manipulate the flowers but quickly enough that I could dust the flowers as I got impatient.

  16. Jackie Calvert

    Omg what can I say
    I’ve got RA in all my joints – this paste is so easy to knee, Lovely and soft. Game changer for me
    Thank you

  17. Carol Limpkin (verified owner)

    I received my packs of Immaculate Confection Sugar-paste a few days ago after a friend gave me a pack to try. I am really pleased with both the ease with which this paste can be worked and the results. I holds its shape much better than some other pastes I have tried and it is soft and easy to work. All in all I am really delighted with the paste!

  18. Di (verified owner)

    Natalies flower paste. Have tried this and I absolutely love it . Only an armature but found it so easy to use .
    Defenatly recommend to all xx

  19. Maureen Chalmers (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this sugar paste, It’s lovely and soft from the start, so easy to roll thinly and doesn’t crack or break. Will never use anything else now that I’ve used this. Also very fast and efficient delivery service.

  20. gina hanington

    What can I say?
    Beautifully packaged with a fabulous reseal. But the paste…Oh my!
    It is soft, easy to knead, takes colour well, stretches like a dream. You can roll it super thin.
    It does not dry too quickly so you have time to create, amend and then adjust if you need to, but your flower will hold its shape. Not buying any other petal paste. Ever.

  21. Helen MacLachlan (verified owner)

    Love this flower paste! Is just beautiful to use and makes twiddling easy and flowers a dream to create. Well done Natalie!

  22. Maureen Simpson (verified owner)

    WOW WOW WOW!!! I can’t go back to another sugarpaste! It was a joy to work with! I mean, it does EVERYTHING it says on the pouch and much more!!! Unbelievably pliable and forgiving. I dropped a load of delicate calyx flowers with pointy petals and they did not disintegrate. I am so happy that I have Natalie to thank for making sugar flowers that more enjoyable to make as well as easier! Thank you for working so hard to keep your customers so happy! GOAT!

  23. Paula Austin (verified owner)

    Where have you been all my life?! ❤❤ Natalie’s flower paste is amazing. It’s lovely and soft and doesn’t dry out too quickly, allowing you extra time to work with it. It can be rolled super thin, creating beautiful flowers and foliage. Works very well in my veiners too! Colour can be added to the paste with excellent results. It also holds it’s shape in this humid weather we’ve been experiencing, no more floppy leaves/petals. Thanks Natalie for this amazing gem!!

  24. Les Brown (verified owner)

    I tried Natalie’s flower paste on a whim and I have to say I’m really impressed. It can be rolled very thinly and it dries nice and strong unlike a lot of other brands currently on the market. It handled the recent humidity we’ve been having with ease and didn’t wilt after it dried even on a buttercream cake. It also travels well as I post flowers all over the country. I will most definitely be using it again and again.

  25. Marcia Turner (verified owner)

    Marcia Turner – 26th Jan 2022
    What can I say about the flowerpaste. It is so easy to work with and it does what is say on the package. I don’t think I will be using anything else.

  26. Debbie Paraman (verified owner)

    Natalie’s flower paste.I’ve been late to the train catching this excellent product.Wish I’d used it earlier.So easy to work with.Great to colour using IC gel colours. And perfect to shade with IC dusts.Book 1 and 11/2 so helpful with so many tips from Natalie.
    Keep up the good work Natalie and Chris.x

  27. Debbie Paraman (verified owner)

    I’m still in love with Natalie’s flower paste.The best ever.Really wished I’d found it earlier.
    Just ordered all the new colours in dusts and pastes to add to the collection.
    Keep up the good work.x

    5 Star

  28. Jodie C (verified owner)

    I purchased this paste purely Due to me signing up to flower club 2022 so I was using everything that Natalie uses. I’ve previously tried many different pastes for flowers and only ever found one I liked. Having used this for the first time to make a rose. I have to say it’s absolutely amazing. It’s soft and workable straight from the packet. By the time I’d coloured my paste I was ready to go, no needing to leave it to settle due to it being over kneaded. The amazement didn’t stop there. It rolls out so super thin without a single rip in it. It colours amazing using Natalie’s gel colours. You can get the thinnest most natural looking petals I’ve ever seen on a flowerpaste rose using this. It’s absolutely amazing and I would recommend it to anyone. I’m definitely hooked and now need to find the time to get more of Natalie’s beautiful flowers made.

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