Pastel Metallic Lustre Dust Set

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• Set of three Pastel metallic lustre dusts
• Use to add a metallic shine and sheen to your work
• All 100% EDIBLE
• Includes colour mixing and usage guide
• See full description below for more info…


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Natalie has always been passionate about colour. In fact, she would argue it’s the most important part of any design process. You could make the most immaculate cake – pun intended! – but if the colours aren’t quite right, it will lack the impact your hard work deserves!

Our range of Edible Metallic Lustre Dusts has been designed and chosen by Natalie to help you bring super shiny metallic life to your sugar-work. With nine gorgeous shades to choose from, we have soft shimmery pastels, super shiny brights, and (Natalie’s favourites) the strong, but muted antiques.

000 Metallic Colours01
000 Metallic Colours02

Each pot is a whopping 10ml and will go a long way. Due to the nature of the lustres, they may become compacted in the pots and thus look under-filled – we promise this isn’t the case! They are all suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans, and are all Nut Free, Gluten Free and GM Free.

This Pastel Metallic Dust Set includes:
• Colour mixing and usage guide
• Pastel Gold
• Pastel Silver
• Pastel Rose

For a super shiny finish, these lustres make a beautiful, smooth, and easy-to-use paint. Simply mix the dusts with a little rejuvenator spirit, clear alcohol, or water, and paint on as many coats as required. We recommend a quick spritz of confectioners’ glaze to set the dusts in place.

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1 review for Pastel Metallic Lustre Dust Set

  1. Michele Farrow (verified owner)

    These dusts are so pretty. Perfect when you want a beautiful shimmer with a softer tone.

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