Rapid Rose Support Pad

Rapid Rose Support Pad


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• Make big, beautiful sugar roses in a few simple steps
• Supports the flowerpaste to make sugar flowers quick and commercially viable
• Easy enough for beginners & quick enough for pros
• Includes a link to download Natalie’s step-by-step pdf. tutorial to guide you through the process for making roses
• See full description below for more info…

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Rapid Rose: the Original Five-Petal Support Pad is perfect for sugar flower beginners, as well as a time saving method for established cake artists. Utilizing Natalie’s signature five-petal method, the Rapid Rose will have you making big, beautiful un-wired roses from flowerpaste in just a few simple steps… What would have required you to cut and shape at least 18 individual petals can now be done with just four cuts, and no risk of tearing or damaging the petals as you arrange them!

Developed by Natalie and released in 2016, the Rapid Rose comes with access to a brilliant step-by-step digital tutorial to guide you through the process for making sugar roses with flowerpaste (download instructions are inside the packet – once you remove the Rapid Rose you can’t miss ’em!).

This same support pad is used for making sugar peonies with five-petal cutters (tutorial included with the peony cutters) and if we’d known there would be more flowers than just roses in the future, we’d have called it something different!

Rapid Rose Design Registration Number: 5004428

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6 reviews for Rapid Rose Support Pad

  1. Becky Chapman

    The best piece of equipment to make roses and peonys with in the world can’t live without it a super product well made and so useful

  2. Lynn Mwaka

    I simply love this green petal pad, makes making roses so easy to do :)

  3. Catherine Holmes

    This is a game changer for making sugar flowers. It supports the petals whilst you are attaching them saving them flopping over. I have used it for several flowers, not just roses. It’s great for the peonies too as it supports the main flower too whilst you are attaching the petals. well worth the purchase price.

  4. Marie Gilligan

    After doing many classes on roses I can honestly say I found the rapid rose pad and also Natalie’s cutter both rose and peony by far the best ,with the rapid rose pad was able to access a demo from Natalie on how to use them witch was great. I’ve had to contact both Natalie and her husband Chris lately and must say both of them are a pleasure to deal with, real genuine lovely people and so generous with there talents so thank you both so very much x

  5. Dinaz Shroff (verified owner)

    This is a necessity! It makes it so much easier to make roses.

  6. Marie Gilligan

    Using the rapid rose pad has made a huge difference it’s like having a third hand,
    So much easier to control petals when they are not flopping around gives you time to place paste where you want

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