Tape Cutter & Shredder

Tape Cutter & Shredder


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• JEM Tape Cutter / Shredder
• Cuts full width floral tape down to quarter size
• Affectionately know in house as ‘the yellow box of doom’!
• See full description below for more info…

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In stock


The small yellow box contains three razor blades (yes, they’re extremely sharp – be careful!). When you pass floral tape through the box it will cut it down to a quarter width – much better and easier for taping delicate floral arrangements together.

You can remove one blade to make it cut the tape into half width.

Over time it will become a little gummed up and require cleaning due to the wax on the floral tape. It’s easy to do but be super careful… the sharp blades are why we tend to refer to it as “The Little Yellow Box of Doom!”.

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1 review for Tape Cutter & Shredder

  1. Nicola Halls

    Can’t make flowers without my little yellow box of doom! Cuts to quarter width for a more delicate stem but beware of your fingers!

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