Extra-Large Rose Cutters

Extra-Large Rose Cutters


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• Extra Large Rose cutters for making sugar roses
• Set of two: 100mm & 120mm
• Five-petal to design to save time
• For use with the Rapid Rose Support Pad
• See full description below for more info…

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In stock


Make sugar roses with this set of two extra large five-petal rose cutters, best used in conjuction with Natalie Porter’s Rapid Rose Support Pad. These are great for sugar flower beginners, as well as a time saving method for established cake artists – what would have required you to cut and shape a number individual petals can now be done with fewer five-petal cuts, and no risk of tearing or damaging the petals as you arrange them!

The largest cutter (120mm) will make a lovely big finished rose approximately 10 – 12cm diam.

It is recommended that you buy a Rapid Rose Support Pad alongside these cutters. The Rapid Rose Support Pad includes access to Natalie’s Rapid Rose tutorial, packed with step-by-step pictures and detailed instructions to help you make impressive, perfect sugar roses. These cutters alone do not include access to the tutorial.

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