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“These brushes are a game changer. Excellent quality, the best I have used!”
Carole B.

** the NEW ones are the Medium Flat and Angled Flat **
• Beautiful soft brushes for petal dusts
• Range of sizes to suit different jobs
• High quality – no loose bristles
• Natalie’s favourite brushes!
• See full description below for more info…

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Specially designed by Natalie, these brushes are perfect for applying petal dusts to sugar flowers – the soft white bristles won’t damage your work and show the colour you’re using beautifully (unlike beige or brown bristles). Available individually or as a set of six brushes, we have a brush for each and every dusting job. You can choose from the drop-down box above.

• Large Flat Brush – this is Natalie’s favourite size that she uses most often to dust leaves, roses, peonies and fillers – everything! The soft bristles make it very easy to achieve beautiful blends and gradients of colour, bringing your sugar flowers to life.

• Medium Flat Brush – as above and below… but in a medium size for when the large is too big, and the small is too little.

Rainbow Brushes 03
000 Colourful Pots01

• Small Flat Brush – the bristles are set flat in the ferrule and so they are great for the edges of leaves or for dusting other larger, flattish shapes. Small enough for detail but not so small that it takes hours just to dust a few leaves

• Angled Flat Brush – the bristles are flat but cut to a nice, sharp angle. They’re great for adding lines and details, such as stripes, to your sugar flowers and models.

• Small Round Brush – as below, but a little bigger!

• Extra Small Round Brush – the round and pointed shape of the bristles make this brush ideal for detailed and accurate dust application. They are particularly useful for adding colour to the centre of small and tiny filler flowers.

• The Set of Six Brushes includes one of each size.

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18 reviews for Dusting Brushes

  1. Judith (verified owner)

    Having been on the courses taught by Natalie on line I watched her dusting the flowers withers brushes and bought some as they were so soft and the ideal sizes. I have since bought several more sets of four although it is possible to buy individual brushes. They are lovely brushes, perfect for dusting delicate sugar paste and I don’t use any others now.

  2. Jayne Machin (verified owner)

    Fabulous brushes, so pretty you don’t want to use them to start with. Then you realise you need to buy different ones for every colour so you have a little rainbow set of brushes. Dust Pete toy, no loosing bristles. Highly recommend

  3. Carole Broad (verified owner)

    these brushes are a game changer. Excellent quality, the best I have used. Colours easy to blend and shade with these. Highly recommended

  4. gina hanington (verified owner)

    I love these brushes..I keep buying them. Really lovely weight to them and the bristles are a brilliant quality. The different sizes mean that you are covered for all the dusting needs from large sweeping areas to more detailed dusting.

  5. Selina Ward (verified owner)

    These brushes are excellent quality and the set provides different sizes to enable you dust detailed areas of the flower as well as larger petals. Can be bought individually but recommended that you have different sets for various colours. Work well with Immaculate Confection dusts.

  6. Karen Cacho (verified owner)

    These are not your ordinary set of brushes! They have a slight weight to them for better control and are made with soft bristles that actually say on the brush. I’ve had them for months now and I have not seen a single bristle fall. It’s evidence that that they are made with only high quality materials. The different sizes are a must have for creating more depth in your beautiful sugar flowers.

  7. Nicola Halls (verified owner)

    Love these brushes! They are the best I’ve ever used. They are soft so they don’t damage delicate flower petals and they don’t shed. You can easily see which colours they have been used with because the white bristles show any colour left in them which can be difficult to see in a sable brush often causing muddied colours when you don’t realise there is pink in your brush and try to dust in yellow!

  8. Melanie (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these brushes ! Definitely the best I have ever used and will be buying more !
    Thankyou ?

  9. Dinaz Shroff (verified owner)

    I bought one set. Then another. And now I have 4 sets! These brushes are like a magic wand when you use them. They dust flowers perfectly. You can’t have enough of these brushes!

  10. Sharon Brooks

    I use these brushes and they are everything Natalie says they are ,they allow you to be precise with them ,as well as provide a beautiful finish to your finished product ,you won’t be disappointed ?

  11. Jacqui Kelly (verified owner)

    Truly wish there were more than 5 stars to give these – WOW
    Clever little brushes that look and feel joyful. They are weighted which make them much easier to handle and help build my confidence when dusting. The bristles stay in the brush and not on my projects and you can have a little rain bow coloured dusting army ready to help you. so you never pick up the wrong brush and ruin a flower again
    Dear Santa if I make the nice list – these are what I would like please please please

  12. Christine Kirkby (verified owner)

    Lovely brushes will definitely be ordering more sets

  13. Sanaya (verified owner)

    These brushes are absolute must-haves in your flower-making tool kit! They are silky smooth when dusting and are by far the best brushes I’ve used. I am waiting to order a few more soon!

  14. Helen MacLachlan (verified owner)

    Best brushes I have ever had Thoroughly recommend getting one for every colour you have!

  15. Diane L (verified owner)

    They don’t come better than these. I cannot have enough, a brush for every colour and some to spare it is indeed an excellent brush and I simply love them .

  16. Jenny Watson (verified owner)

    Best dust brushes ever. Soft not to soft so you can get the dust where you want it to go.. they are the Rolls-Royce of dust brushes.

  17. Wendy Jane Campion

    The best brushes on the market .
    Great value and sit nicely in your hand whilst using them. I have 15 sets of these and I still want to buy more 🤣🤣 if you’re looking for the rolls royce of brushes, then look no further.

  18. Judith (verified owner)

    Just received my lovely brush set. This is my fourth set as I don’t use any others. No bristle loss and the different shaped brushes are superb for dusting sugar flowers. I would recommend these as they also last a long time.

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